Thursday, January 17, 2008


Memphis LOVES bananas. I usually break off little pieces and she either takes them out of my hand and into her mouth or just chomps down on my fingers when she doesnt want to put forth the effort. This morning, she saw the full banana sitting next to me and just wanted that. So she just munched down until it was all gone. Hence the reason we call her munchy. :)

Happy Happy Memi

Christmas Morning
So these days, Memphis is only at work for the first hour or so... then Mike comes and picks her up. In that hour, she usually sits next to me and emptys the diaper bag and my purse. She makes a big ol' mess, but it keeps her happy and quiet... so really i dont mind.

Offically I had to take out the bassinet to her pack and play... she is just getting so smart. Pulling herself up and eating the side-one of her favorite things to do.