Friday, May 30, 2008

Wedding Hair

I was lucky enough to be Jen's "hair dresser" for her wedding. This was the day we took her bridals. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun for me to be a part of.

If you like what you see... good-it's the only up do I know how to do. :)

You will NEVER guess who gave her this idea...

Oh yeah, and here is where Jen and I perfected such an up do...

This is my cousin Lauren, who married Jen's little brother... turns out we do one good wedding up do AND make GREAT match makers!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Are YOU man enough?

For Chases birthday we all went to Fuddruckers.

So the boys decided they were going to do the 1 pound callange. Mike finished first, then Nick and Chase at times didnt think he could do it... DID it! I guess thats exciting, right? The meal consised of 1 lb of beef, a giant bun (im talking huge), cheese fries with bacon bits (sick) and ice cream. It was A LOT of food... but they did it and now have the shirts to prove it. Good job boys.

Oh yeah, the next day... NICK was really really sick!

The Host

In May, Marie who is married to Brett (my best friend from HS) got to take a trip to Utah minus kids and husband to go to the Stephenie Meyer book signing for The Host. Thank you Brett. :)

I couldnt believe how many people were there. It was fun to see and meet her. We tried taking pictures, but it was not easy and they didnt turn out the greatest but we had a really good time! Thanks Marie... It was a fun day.

Side note: Nevermind the fact that it's taking me a really really long time to read the book. It's very diffrent from the Twilight Series and I am TIRED... a lot. Go figure. No worries, I'll get through it eventually. (I just hope it's before Breaking Dawn)