Monday, March 31, 2008

Crop til' we Drop

For my birthday, Mike sent me away... to scrapbook for 24 hours. It was A LOT of fun!

Make A Guess...

Despite lots of pressure to find out the sex of our baby... I'm sticking to waiting! So go ahead, click on the expect net box and make a guess. A few hints... I will always go over my due date, you can thank my mom, grandma and aunt for that one. It also appears that we are going to have big babies. Happy guessing!

Monday, March 24, 2008

burrito thief

As it turns out, Taco Bell doesnt believe in having more than one high chair, so i let kyah have it. So Memphis ended up on the table next to my food. I was sharing my burrito with her and I looked away for a moment, only to turn around and find sharing was not enough. SHE WANTED HER OWN! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Good Mix

Happy Birthday to US!

There are pros and cons to having your birthday two days apart from your spouse. :) Lets focus on pros: Our birthday celebration seems to last all week long. No complaints there. The picture you see here come from Saturday night. This is Heather, Dan, Christian, Karen, Me and Mike. Heather and Karen are some of my VERY best friends. They were my roommates when I first moved to Utah. It's very rare that we get out together minus the kids. It was very enjoyable and I love both so much.

Family Pictures...

So you knew this was coming... the whole family ALL together, means family picture time. The plan was to do it outside, but this is Oregon people... it was too rainy. But, i think they turned out great. Memphis is such a ham... she loves the camera. Could she be my daughter? :) I'd say, it's a pretty good lookin' bunch if you ask me.

Anyone can feel free about asking Mike about the yellow shoes he was planning on wearing in these photos... below you will see a past family picture of the Smiths and I tell you some things never change...except now he has a wife and he sometimes actually listens to me!

and despite his RED shoes... i really love this photo! :)

the oregon coast...

ok, so it turns out... i am not so good at keep this blog updated. My previous post was a few pictures from our trip to Oregon in Feb. The whole Smith clan returned to welcome Jesse home from his mission in Las Vegas. We got to go for a whole week, and although we stayed busy-I think we all found it very relaxing.

On Sunday after all the hours of eating way to much food, we thought we would take a walk down the coast and hang out. Walking got veto when Mike told us how far it was. LOL! Austing, kept saying it's so close, but even he opted to jump in the back of the truck. It was a beautiful sunset. I had fun collecting sand dollars, even though I didn't actually bring any home with me.

Here you have Aubree me and Jenna. They are long time friends of the Smith Family... and I am a big fan of more girls! :) They are so much fun, and I am so glad they came out for the party! If either of you ever read this... I wish my hamberger came with a giant nail in it!

This is just us...

and this is austin, very normal austin...


and me, enjoying the warm sun.

So pretty!

This was walking back... and I told Mike to stop and take a picture and he looked at me and said, "of what? I don't see it" so i took the camera and caught this... naturally, now "he see's it" :) Oregon is a very beautiful place.