Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trunk R' Treat

Tonight was our ward Trunk r' Treat! It was fun.

Here is our super cute primary class (again)!

Memphis and Daddy!

I also had this taken today... i was very pleased!
Memphis was really good and despite the long wait she was all smiles!

Bath Time

You know, bath time is a regular event and yet I am always tempted to grab the camera. She just looks so cute. Maybe it's because she loves it so much. She is getting so good at sitting up and makes it so much eaiser. Fun Fun!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Tribute to the Focus

Happy Birthday to Me! March 04'

Happy Birthday to my car...

Picture three girls trying to change a flat tire... no worries, stranger to the rescue!

We Made it... on the sweet donut!

My custom made bubble sticker... sweet, cute and a little devilish!

My Car in front of the Flagstaff House.

One year it was the pantry at the Sugarhouse Stake Girls Camp.

The Honeymoon Limo!

In Seaside, OR

In Vegas... visting elder smith!
113,000 miles later--

We now say Good-bye!

So many fun memories and adventures.

Friday, October 19, 2007


When Mike and I first got married... we were called to be the CTR 5 teachers. I was excited... the first year we only taught from July to December and then we got our new class. Don't get me wrong, we loved our first class too... but we LOVE OUR CLASS. There is something special about the CTR 5 year. Graduating from Sunbeams... learning how to write your name, most starting kindergarten. They are so fun. As the end of year grows nearer every week I am sad. I am going to miss them. I know I will still see them, but it wont be the same. For the last year I have reflected much on my own primary experiences wanting to remember the things that stick out and really taught and developed my own young testimony. One example... Sister Merrick gave us 10 pennies, and tithing slip and envelope. We each filled out our little slip and put one penny in the envelope, then we took a field trip to the Bishops office. I know 5 year old our too young for this one, but i tried to be a good teacher and do things they will remember. At five, is it possible? Maybe they will just remember that we ended class with the CTR game (chutes and latters ctr style) when we had time left over. Ha! Then again, maybe it's my job never to forget them. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Liz and Lorin Without Borders

A good friend of mine sent me this e-mail and I am just passing it on, to see if anyone is interested in helping the cause.


Hi Friends and Family,
As most of you know, last year, Lorin went on a medical mission to Vietnam. He had an incredible experience serving the poor and parent-less children there. This year, he would like to go again, and I would like to join him. The trip is in March of 2008 and we have applied to go. If accepted, we will be providing medical care in various orphanages throught Vietnam. We will be going with the foundation called Children of Peace International (COPI)

Because the trip is cost prohibitive for us, I have decided to take up my old past time. I am selling tie dyed items. My primary products are socks and onesies, but if you have a particular request, I would be happy to accommodate you.

We are calling our earning effort 'Liz and Lorin without borders'. We hope to have a website soon but that is taking longer than anticipated. For the time being, I have attached a form that you can fill out and either, email back to me, or mail back (or hand deliver). If you live close to me, you can pick from our selection of already created socks. If you need items shipped to you there is a $2.50 fee. I will be happy to mail them.

Remember, Christmas is around the corner. These are excellent gift ideas. Your whole family could be wearing tie dyed socks on Christmas morning, AND they can feel good about helping children in Vietnam, in a round about way.

Attached is an order form, and a document including a few pictures so you can get an idea about what they look like.

Thank you, for your continued love and support.
Please send this on to someone who might be interested.

Liz and Lorin Leithead

If interested email liz at

Here is Memphis in her onesie! So cute!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

East Football Midgets

This summer, I recieved news that these guys needed a head coach for the upcoming football season. I willingly accepted this task. For those who don't know this is a life dream of mine, to coach football. So when the opportunity of a lifetime came up, I had to take it. These kids are great! Currently we are 3-3 with two games remaining and we have a chance to make the playoffs! I'm way excited and loving every minute of it!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Wedding Video

Click Hereto see Part 1

Click Hereto see Part 2

Happy Viewing! :)

It's funny... I never get sick of watching my wedding video! :)
This is our cute little nursery.

Little Memphis

Memphis is just weeks away from turing six months. It's crazy how fast it's gone. She sure is fun.