Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

our baby-sitter

Shauna and I went to the gym and this is what we came back too....

Sweet huh?

Tie Dye Sockies!

Get your own Tie Dye Socks!
Everyone is doing it...
and it's for a great cause!!!!
Check out Liz and Lorin without Borders... over there to the right!

Our Lil' Cougar

Another BYU football season, come and gone! Good times!!!! Saturday Mike rushed the field with a few of my cousins... and a few weeks ago, Memphis got to go to her first game. She was a good sport... we plan to continue the brain washing from here on out! Ha.


Thanksgiving this year was a real good time. I got to spend lunch time with the Straws...even cousin Kenny was there! We simply dont see him enough! Although when he is there... we resort to being 14 again! Later Memphis and I headed over to Kelly and Janet's for Thanksgiving with my in-laws. I was in charge of the veggie tray and drinks. (maybe because you cant mess those two up) Ha ha! Dinner was great... we played games and the girls ditched the sleeping, football watching boys to watch a chick flick. I simply don't see enough of those these days. :) Friday morning Mike and his mom fought the crowds, I worked for a few hours and then we all headed back out to shop... and really it wasn't that bad. We even hit up the outlets in Park City. (one of my favorite places to spend money). Linda introduced me to Moose Munch... it's Carmel popcorn with cashews and almonds... not to mentioned a few pieces are covered in chocolate! Yum! Bruce Linda and Austin were here only about 29 hours, but all in all... it was a great time!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

a very busy weekend

We often find ourselves on Monday morning wondering where the weekend went. Well this weekend has been no different.
Friday night I went to girls night out at Heartland Paper. Nothing like scrap booking until you cant keep your eyes open any longer. Mean while Mike was getting his football team ready for their first play-off game. Memphis had a good time with the Hallman kids. What's not to love about the attention of four at all times. I tell you it is heaven for her and nice to know we have friends and family where she is well taken care of.
Saturday I was a co-host of a baby shower for an old friend from Livingston. It was fun to see so much of the old clan and celebrate the soon arrival of Janets first baby.
Mike WON his first play off game.

I will let him tell you about it...
Saturday my peewee team knocked off the number 1 seeded team in the playoffs 27-0. As of now, we have won 6 straight. Next week, we face Riverton which beat us 6-0 to start the season. GO EAST RED MIDGETS!!!!

Needless to say he is pretty excited. I have now been committed to actually attend next weeks game. :) It's pretty cool that they are doing so well and actually have a chance to go to regional in Las Vegas.

Saturday night we attended Mary Hallmans baptism. Its hard to believe she is actually 8. Her sweet young testimony is something we can all benefit from. I am glad we went.

After the baptism Mike and I headed out for dinner. We went to the Italian Village. Being in the food business I really try to support smaller family owned venues. Not to mention usually the food is soooo much better. :) Memphis is a lot easier to cart around since she is sitting up so well and likes to eat pretty much we give her.

It amazes me how Happy she is ALL THE TIME! What a blessing she is, in soo many ways.

While we were at dinner... a very very tall man came in. After a little staring it was clear we were staring at Shawn Bradley.

If only I had the guts to take a picture of him myself.
I found myself feeling bad that he was SO tall. Having to duck below fans and light fixtures on the ceiling. Not to mention having to sit 3 feet from the table because his legs don' fit.

Today is a normal Sunday. We are actually walking out the door to have dinner with Russ and Sarah. I made a pie. (ok i took it out of the box and put it on cookie sheet) GO ME!