Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's BACK!!!!!

After a month with out the Escape, I am soooo happy to have it back. I was involved in a car accident back in October. Yesterday I went and picked it up. It was kind of weird to be driving it again. It looks so pretty and clean.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just a little update on our sweet win last week. The concert was fantastic. We had a really good time. Unfortunately we were not able to have any thing signed. I had the pic from my last post blown up to a 12 x 18 print. I will still frame it, though. They also tood a group shot instead of taking a picture with 25 different cameras. So 101.9 will post those pictures this week, I'm sure. Chris Martin is very entertaining. During the sound check he made fun of himself and wanted to assure us they wouldn't be wearing jogging clothes at the concert. The wrist bands that made us extra special. (don't worry, I haven't cut mine off yet)

Chris wore his hood during most of the sound check. Kinda annoying.

Hood off! Yea!!!

Cute Parker and me... he will be missed. He's been my drive home DJ for two years, now. He and Chris Martin are friends... so during the encore Chris dedicated "Yellow" to him.

Mike and I, having a great time!

My favorite parts would have to be:
-the sound check...up close and personal time with Chris
-Viva la Vida sing along.
-Chris dancing around the stage was a crack up
-the band joining the lower bowl for a two song set...
-the encore wait... where 100's of people had their cell phones out dancing to the music... it looked SuPER COOL!

We got home around midnight... it was a long day. I swear, getting old is lame!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

pinch me... I MUST be dreaming!

When I heard Coldplay was coming to town told Mike we were going. I have been a huge fan since 01'. I actually first heard of them on the mission... (c'mon I was on a mission, not in a box-we still heard music). I was hooked!

When the tickets were released to sell I found myself OUTRAGED at the price. *funny how that happens when your married, we wont talk about how much I paid for Rascal Flatts pre Mike. So I thought, meh...whatever I dont HAVE to go.

So last week 101.9 started a raido contest, giving away front row tickets-but wait it gets better. You also get to meet the band, take pictures, be a part of sound check, have your shirt signed AND you get $101.90.

Needless to say I have been glued to the radio station. To win you would have to listen all day long and I mean ALL DAY long. Write down the coldplay song from every hour and then when they play the 5 o'clock hour song be the 10th caller.

Well last night I was caller #9. I cried at Parker (the DJ). I was so sad, but only for about .4555 seconds because Mike was #10!

WE WON!!!!!!!!!

I still can't believe it.

The only downside is... we will be missing the BYU/UT game. :( There is always NEXT year and the next year and the next year! This year I am meeting Chris Martin!

Whoooooooo hoooooooooooo!

For those who know me well...they know I have been a HUGE fan of 101.9 The end for 10 years. Back in the day I even made my own window "sticker" for the car. I do not have a problem with obbessions... I don't, I don't I don't!!!! I've listening to Jimmy Chunga EVERY DAY. He has made some retarded choices: ie getting rid of Mister West and adding Chelsea. Ugg, I cant stand Chelsea and yet I can not pull myself away.

Ok, Shauna wanted me to add how it went down!

It went a little something like this:

Parker: 101.9 The End, you’re called #10

Melissa: Screaming in the back ground, chucks Memphis on the couch

Mike says to Melissa: Take care of the kids

Memphis and Damien: Crying and now very scared

Parker:(laughing) Who is that in the back ground?

Mike: My wife..

Parker: Well, congrats you guys are headed to the concert, going to the sound check and we’re giving you $101.90.

Mike: That’s awesome, my wife has made me listen everyday to win, she is a huge fan.

Parker: What’s your wives name

Mike: Melissa

Parker: Wait, she wasn’t called #9 was she?

Mike: Yea

Parker: NO Way! That’s unreal, we have 75 lines ringing off the hook, what are the odds you would be callers 9 and 10? Well this proves that we only have seven listeners.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


A month ago Marie tagged me! It's taken me a while, but finally a REAL spare moment. (Mike is at Costco, Memphis is sleeping and Damien is here beside me being good)

So here we go!

The Rules:
Link to your tagger and list the rules.
List 7 random facts about yourself.
Tag 7 people (and make sure you check back and see what they say).
If you're tagged, play along and pass it on!

1.I worked as a dishwasher for two days.

My dad worked for a company called Pro Clean(Marie you LOVE them) when we lived in Flagstaff. He asked one of the restaurants if they were hiring. They were hiring a busser. I thought GREAT, I had the experience from working at the London Bridge Resort. So I took the job. It was at this dive coffee shop attached the Howard Johnson Motel. Well, in their world, buser meant you also did the dishes. I lasted to two days. It was DISGUSTING!!! In those two days I was offered a job from some people in our ward who owned a dry cleaners. It was a much better job. I worked their for about two years and really enjoyed it.

2.I picked out my wedding ring on December 31, 1997

I had just moved to Utah and Heather my cousin had some bridal magazines. I was flipping through and spotted this ring. I cut it out and placed it in the back of my journal. Next to it I wrote: When I get married, this is what my ring will look like. Over the years people would tell me my taste would change and I would want something different. That never happened and when I got engaged I ripped that page out of my journal and handed it over to Mike. My good friend Rachel has a cousin who is a jeweler. Matt at Hancock Jewelers did an awesome job of recreating my ring from this picture. It now has bands on both sides... but to this day when I look down it is my DREAM RING!

Just a side note... the wedding dresses I ripped out and put in the journal on that same night did not get used. I don't know what I was thinking!

3.I have had the name strawmo since 1992
Back in the 8th grade I was in a computer class and everyone's user name was their last name and first initial. For some reason the teacher messed mine up and added an "0" at the end. My friend Sam Andress was in that class and he called me Strawmo from there on out. So back in 1996 when the family got a computer and aol we all had to pick a screen name, for me it was a no brainer. I am and will be strawmo forever and ever!Even google knows... Strawmo is me! :) The best part about that is, if you go to page two you will see a youtube video called Beep Beep. It is a video of my mom and my uncle cliff recreating something they did as kids. It might seem lame, but to us... F U N N Y! (now if my mom reads this... she will be mad i pointed anyone in the direction of that video) Hi MOM! :)

4.I ended up in the wrong airport my first time flying.

One of the worst days of my whole life would have to be the Thanksgiving week 1998. I was supposed to fly into Ontario, CA airport and ended up in LAX. We had a lay over in Las Vegas and the flight attendant asked me if I was headed to Los Angeles. I said yes, and stayed on the plane. I had a bad feeling about 30 minuets before we landed that I was headed to the wrong airport. When I got off the plane I knew I was in the wrong place. Oh the tears. My luggage made it just fine to Ontario. LAX threw me on a shuttle to Ontario but while they did that, family headed to LAX. It was so awful. Mind you, this is also before the days of cell phones. Picking me up from the airport turned into an ALL DAY event.

5.I have been a bridesmaid four times.
Liz and Lorin
Liz was my mission companion and roommate when we got home. Liz and I didn't hit it off right away, then President made us companions... two days later once we sorted through the rumors and concerns of serving with each other we became the best of friends. I am so grateful we got to served together. I could not imagine my life with out her. Her wedding was such a fun day. We woke up to a blanket of fresh snow. The cold and Elizabeth are not the best of friends, but it sure was pretty. We all got our hair done together...that part of was fun. It's hard to believe that was almost six years ago!

Chase and Kristi
Kristi is my brothers wife. So she is my sister in law and now a roomie! Ha! I didn't actually know her all that well when they got married but now I do and she is very driven, loves my brother and GREAT with my kids. Mesa, AZ in May...nice and warm. Family weddings are always fun because you get to hang out with your whole family all day long.

Matt and Lauren
Cute Lauren! My cousin. Her and I had become soooo close during her first years at BYU. Then she married my best friends little brother. I was very excited to be a part of her special day. Lauren's wedding was beautiful... minus my hair. In my defense... I did the brides hair instead of my own. HA!

Jen and Ben
Jen is one of my very best friends. Isn't Jen nice to let me be a bridesmaid six months pregnant??? I know you can't really tell in this picture, but I was. Ruby did my hair, cool huh? Jen made the flower... again, very cool! After much stress and maybe even a little drama... Jen's wedding turned out really nice.

I love weddings! Even though I am married now, I just do! It's such a happy day for the bride and groom. I love being a part of those weddings, getting all dressed up, or doing the brides hair. Sure it can be a long, sometimes stressful day... but in the end, totally worth it! To the brides I have been "a maid"... Thank you. It was an honor and I love you all!

6.I share a birthday with my cousin Michelle.

Michelle and I were born four hours apart. She came two months early... so we like to say in the pre-earth life, we decided to race down. She won! It's our little bond!

7.I love taking pictures.

I took over 1,000 pictures while on my mission. Now I just take lots and lots of pictures of our cute kids.(then I scrapbook them all... I am a scrapbookin' FOOL) If I could go back in time...I would pursue photography much more seriously.

I tag:

Heather A O
Heather D

Mike says this is too long and no one is ever going to read it, so if you are here and made it all the way to the end...congrats! Nevermind the fact it took me almost 7 hours to complete it. Time for bed!!!

3 months today!

Happy 3 months Damien!!!!

Three months alreday??? Could we love our little man any more? I highly doubt it. He is such a happy baby. He has the greatest smile. He gets so excited when you stand him up or lay him on the ground. He sleeps pretty well... we have our rough nights but over all I just can't complain. Memphis has really learned the role of big sister. She is still very young and can't do much for him, but she is concerned when he cries, wants to kiss him all the time and is always trying to share her food or drink. We feel so blessed to have such great kids.

Cousin Love

You may remember this picture from a previous post in July...Matt and Lauren are in town... and we had a get together for dinner. We thought it was time for baby picture 2008.
Youngest to Oldest:Kaylee, Spencer, Mattison, and Damien

Baby picture 2007 from our Family Reunion at Bass LakeMemphis, Amy, Kyah, Elizabeth and Kennedy!

Thanks for coming Matt and Lauren... always a good time! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

office space

Do you ever wonder what the inside of someone elses office looks like??? I do. Last week we had the carpets cleaned and moved EVERYTHING into the warehouse. I took the oppertunity to make a few changes... so now the office is set up different and I have to admit at first I was out of sorts! I am adjusting and really liking our new set up. I sit in the back corner, Troy sits right next to me and Elise is up front. I think it's a good move. Now when you walk in, all the baby stuff is a little more hidden. :) Not that anyone really comes in here. I could wear PJ's and would it really matter? Nah...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

East Football

As most of you know, Mike has coached football the last two years for East Little League. On Saturday they won their divsions championship. My mom and I were able to go to the game. It's amazing to see how much these boys have grown up since last year. They are really learning the game and playing well. I am surprised at the polictics and drama that come along with coaching and playing, but everyone survived! Congrats to Mike, Brad and the whole team!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

11 years ago...

I love anniversaries of all sorts! I find myself often saying... "7 years ago on this day I met..." or 2 years ago on this day I started working here". I like to think I have a pretty good memory that way. I have been thinking a lot this week about an anniversary that was so pivital to my life, career, friends and future. At the time, of course I had no idea how much it would effect me.

I was in a wierd place. I was 18, graduated a year and directionless. Depressed. I e-mailed my cousin Heather and I am sure rambled on and on about life and the lack there of. I can still remember her response like it was yesterday. She said... "you sound like I feel". She suggested I come for an extended visit while she was all alone in her parents house. Her family was in England for three months working on the Preston Temple (my uncle was a gold leafer). Two days later I had quit my job and I was in the car driving to Utah, I had my car PACKED. I had enough money for gas and that was about it. I got here and found a job within 24 hours. I walked into Bugle Boy, they asked if I could work days and i told them...yes. They then told me to apply no where else and I had the job. They made me a manager and I loved that job!!! Fun people, fun work.

It only took a few days to figure out that I was in the right place. At the end of the three months, leaving was out of the question. So much had happend. I met Karen and Heather Skousen. The four of us quickly became inseparable!!! Heather (my cousin) introduced me to her boss Tim. He hired me after a few weeks (so I had two jobs)! I was a Bear Creek soup rep to start. I am still in the Foodservice Industry today...because of him!!

Life was good. So my "extened stay" still hasn't ended and sure, life has it's ups and downs, but overall life in Utah was one great choice.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Happy Halloween!

Ready to go!

after we got home, they wanted to raid grandma's candy bowl!

To our surprise the girls really liked trick or treating! Memphis wore her bag like a purse and Kyah waved good-bye at every door. It was a rainy night, but plenty warm. It was a good time!