Thursday, September 10, 2009

Damien Turns One (and Cute Spencer too!!!)

We had a small family party for the boys a few weeks ago. We had yummy Hawaiian Haystacks, cake and ice cream.

After Memphis wouldnt touch her cake on her birthday I was so excited that Damien could not get enough of his! I made the boys cakes with those mini bread pans and used cool whip for the frosting. It worked great!

Shauna and I love having the kids pictures done together... because it's cute and drops the price in half! Awesome!

This one is my favorite! He just looks so grown up!

Happy Birthday to D man and Spenc!

I am a little late posting this... but saying I have been busy is quite the under statement! :)


Dancing in the rain said...

Aww they are so cute. I was just thinking that it was around his birthday maybe that little sense in the back of my head said so :) now I know. Give Damien and Memphis hugs for me. Maybe one of these days I'll drop by and say hi if I have enough time between classes.

Doney Days said...

Even though he's turned into a devil child, he's DANG CUTE!

The McOmie Five said...

Wow! They are getting so big! Those pictures are so cute. Miss and love you guys tons. Tell Mike we said hi.
Love, Jess

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