Friday, January 15, 2010

Is it Spring yet???

Despite the fact we are anxious for spring, the month seems to be zipping right along. The weather has been horrendous. So cold and the haze that sits over the valley is just lovely. Yuck! That hasn't stopped me from letting the kids run outside for 15-20 minuets a few times a week, simply just to get out of the house for a moment.

After taking a good month off, I am back at Curves 3 times a week. It's the greatest workout available for busy busy mom's. I really enjoy the "Melissa time" and love that I am becoming more healthy at the same time. This year I am going to eat better and drink more water. Even giving up the addiction of Dr. Pepper. Let's not talk about it though, I might cry. :)

Mike is also trying to eat better and the kids can't seem to get enough of our food. They are like little birds saying... "more, more more" over and over again. That being said, there is no time like the present to teach our kids the right way to eat.
One after another...

A few weeks ago my arms kept going numb. I did a little internet self diagnosis and figured it was signs of carpel tunnel. So I told my boss and he went to work on recreating my desk. He turned my drawer into a keyboard tray. He even added a mouse slide out. I tell ya... that man is pretty dang handy.

I also got to go scrapbooking with some old friends at Heartland paper last week and had a great time. I get so much done when I go somewhere and don't have the distraction of little ones at my feet. I even hired one of the girls from the ward so I could go. I was nervous, not because of her, just me being silly. I am sure it's normal. Right? :)

In December I was called to be the Sunday School teacher for the 12-13 year olds and I just love it. I love trying to connect to them in a way they will actually take some part of the lesson home with them. A few weeks ago we were talking about the plan of salvation and I felt like a missionary again. It's a topic of the gospel I feel so strongly about. I had been taught my whole life about the plan of salvation and while serving a mission it just kinda clicked with me. I gained a testimony of it and felt so passionate about teaching that plan to other people. So it just felt really good to be teaching my class and to have them actually asking questions and participating. I look forward to the year of learning and growing along side them.

Mike has started playing church ball and he too is loving it. I was fearful he would come home with something hurt or broken--but he came home in one piece. Yea! Mike is also back to being best friends with all the local rock radio dj's. A while back Mike asked if I would be upset if he went to a concert on my birthday. Would I???? Nah, Immediately in my head I thought all girl party... whooo hooo! He won the wanted tickets and the very next day won 2 day ski passes to The Canyons. I don't know how he does it, but it's a nice part time job for him. Ha ha! I tell him it's because no one listens to those stations. Hee hee.

The new bed time routine continues to be amazing!

Especially the teeth brushing part. They find any reason to get in the bathroom and brush their teeth. One of the downsides is they are waking up earlier. That part isn't so bad, having a naked Memphis climb into my shower is the bad part. It makes getting to work on time really interesting. :) She is funny, to say the least. Tonight we all went as a family to see the new Chipmunk movie. Memphis did really well for about the first half and then she just wanted to run around. It was fun to do something all together but I think we will hold off on movies for a while. They are not quite ready. :)After the movie we tried to get them to stand with these chipmunks and she wanted NOTHING to do with. It was pretty funny. I think she might be JUST like me. This week Mike took the kids to the DI to pick out some new (used) books. What a great place to get books. The kids had a blast and they were so excited to show me every single one when I got home. Along with that comes a new challenge. I moved the books to a higher shelf so they would not pull every book off 8 times a day. Well, Memphis is getting smarter and finding things to make her taller so she can get them down. I guess I should just be happy they both love books so much. Damien continues to be obsessed with football and loves when Daddy teaches him how to hit a baseball with his little bat. He laughs and laughs. I just think we have some of the greatest kids.

Well... so far 2010 is going pretty well. As I write this I wonder if I could give up scrapbooking for yearly blog books. It's an idea and something I know people are doing. I would still have to do some sort of scrapbooking (because I love it)... but welcome to the digital age I guess! I also decided that I don't really care if anyone reads this. It might all seem really boring, but it's my way of preserving my family.


Shantelle said...

Well...I for one love reading your blog. And I am one of those that turns my blog into a book every year. I still scrapbook, but it's nice to know that since the kids will most likely keep their scrapbooks I'll have my own record to always keep with me.

ps Where was that third to last picture taken? Was it at a restaurant? It looks like an awesome kids zone.

David and Jana said...

I love reading your blog too. Your kids are adorable and its refreshing to see your perspective and feel your energy. :)

Stacey said...

I don't scrap book and now I'm even a lazy blogger... I also fail at Kaylee's baby book. I never remember to take pictures... Basically I've been feeling quite guilty lately. Poor Kaylee.

Jenilee said...

So glad life seems to be going well for you and your cute, cute family. I should think about turning my blog into books, maybe I would blog more often .

The Skousens said...

I LOVE when I see that you have new posts!!! I agree though, even if no one did read them (even though you know it is read), it's nice to know that you are preserving your family's memories (I never scrapbook and have yet to add anything in Matti's babybook from 5 months old on, so it's a good thing that I blog)!!! And your kids are adorable!